We are awfully sorry!
But, unfortunately, Mastercard Concierge service is not connected to your telephone number.
To connect the service, please contact your bank.


1. How can I connect to MasterCard Concierge?
Purchase a banking product that includes MasterCard Concierge service. As soon as you get a card, you can start using MasterCard Concierge servicePurchase a banking product that includes MasterCard Concierge service. As soon as you get a card, you can start using MasterCard Concierge service.
2. What is the mechanism for using MasterCard Concierge?
1. Phone (or text or email your request with a brief specification);
2. The request is accepted for processing;
3. A manager will agree on details with you (a convenient form of receiving information – a text message, an email, a telephone call, the time of request fulfillment);
4. If you have any further questions, you can always telephone or email for further clarification at any time.
3. What are the typical examples of using MasterCard Concierge (Gold, Platinum, and Elite Packages)?
• Organizations’ contact information;
• Booking a taxi;
• Searching for air and railway tickets;
• Flowers delivery;
• Information on currency exchange rates;
• Weather forecast;
• Theatre and cinema listings;
• Searching for concert tickets;
• Booking tables in restaurants;
• Shopping services (searching and booking);
• Selecting presents;
• Apartment (house) rentals;
• Tour arrangements;
• Booking a transfer;
• A guide’s service arrangement;
• A translator’s/interpreter’s services arrangement;
• Domestic staff recruitment (a babysitter, a governess);
• Medical appointments etc.
4. How can I get additional information on MasterCard Concierge options?
You can contact our bank for further information, or just clarify with MasterCard Concierge at the following telephone number +38 044 593 11 11 or text a message to this number +38 093 177 77 74, or email at [email protected]
5. What are the working hours of MasterCard Concierge?
MasterCard Concierge works for You non-stop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
6. What is MasterCard Concierge telephone number?
For Your convenience there are following telephone numbers:
+38 044 593 11 11 – You can phone us at this number at any time of the day and leave Your requests.
+38 093 177 77 74 – You can text us to this number round-the-clock.
7. Can I email MasterCard Concierge?
Yes, requests can be emailed at [email protected]
8. Is it possible to text a request to MasterCard Concierge?
Is it possible to text a request to MasterCard Concierge?
9. Does the way of communicating a request (phoning, emailing, texting) affect the quality and promptness of my request fulfillment?
No. All Your requests are fulfilled equally meticulously and promptly.
10. How much does MasterCard Concierge service cost?
MasterCard Concierge services of information search and arrangement are free of charge. The cost of goods and services booked is paid by You additionally.
For instance: You booked a flower delivery. The delivery search and arrangement is free for You while the cost of flowers and delivery is chargeable (to be paid by You additionally).
11. Can anyone use MasterCard Concierge on my behalf?
MasterCard Concierge service can be used only personally by you. In case you are on Elite Package service, you can activate the service for anyone of your choice: your personal assistant, wife, secretary etc.
12. Can I use MasterCard Concierge abroad? What are the specifics of using MasterCard Concierge abroad?
MasterCard Concierge functions worldwide. Service abroad is identical to service in Ukraine.
That is, you just need to telephone to +38 044 593 11 11 or text your request brief specification to +38 093 177 77 74, as well as email your request at [email protected]
13. What are the restrictions for using MasterCard Concierge in general?
MasterCard Concierge fulfils almost any requests (within your package). Some requests cannot be fulfilled for reasons beyond our control.
In such cases MasterCard Concierge will attempt to offer you an alternative. For example: you are in Austria on holiday in the mountains and wish to fly from one resort to another on a helicopter after 06:00 p.m. But helicopter flights are allowed only before 06:00 p.m. (through poor visibility). In this case MasterCard Concierge can suggest flying on the following morning or hire a car.
Other restrictions for services are stipulated by MasterCard Concierge Service Use Rules and Conditions and Service Specification. For example, immoral and illegal requests, requests beyond MasterCard Concierge competence, requests requiring immoderate or unacceptable efforts are not fulfilled.
14. What shall I do if I am dissatisfied with MasterCard Concierge work?
You can call MasterCard Concierge and leave a complaint or email your complaint at [email protected] The complaint will be considered within 24 hours after submitting it.
In addition, you can assess your request fulfillment at a scale from 1(unsatisfactory) to 10 (excellent), 0 (do not text messages with a request for assessment).you receive an offer to assess the manager’s work in a text message sent automatically in 10% of randomly chosen requests upon Closing. You have to reply to the text message with a digit from 1 to 10. The text reply is accepted and processed. For requests assessed at up to 5 inclusive you will receive a call within 24 hours to clarify and clear up the situation that arose.
15. What language is MasterCard Concierge service provided in?
Service is provided in three languages: Ukrainian, Russian, and English. To receive a service in any of the languages, you just need to contact MasterCard Concierge in this language.
16. If I am serviced within Elite Package, how shall I connect MasterCard Concierge service to another person?
To get that done you only need to call MasterCard Concierge from your telephone number and give the required data of the person to be given access to the service (full name, birth date, mobile telephone number).
17. Can you inform the person who was additionally connected within Elite Package?
Yes, you can ask a manager to telephone the person and/or send a message with MasterCard Concierge contact data. During a telephone call the person who had the service activated will be informed that the call is made as instructed by you.
Also, at your discretion you can inform the person about the provided service on your own.
18. Can I change the person who was given additional access to the service (within Elite Package)?
Yes, to get that done you just need to make an appropriate call to MasterCard Concierge service. Up to 3 changes a year are allowed.
19. Is it possible to remove additional access to the service provided to a third party within Elite Package?
Yes, for this you need to make an appropriate call to MasterCard Concierge service.
20. What shall I do if I do not want to receive the service?
If you want to have the service deactivated, contact your bank.